Good parenting is not a simple formula. It is a one-on-one adventure between all the qualities that your child carries into the world from the first moment, and all the qualities you brought in and refined in a lifetime. New research shows us that children in the same family may be no more alike than two newborn strangers!

Our Sorters--temperament measures--are designed to give you a sketch of your child's inborn character and your own, so that you can see where you will immediately mesh, and where you may need to work hard to be a truly understanding and accepting parent.



The Temperament Pairs in Pictures!

If you click on any one picture, both the picture and the description will switch to its opposite. To return, double click on the new picture and description. After you learn about your child's preferences you might want to come here again to bring all four of these up on the screen.

Extravert Sensor Feeler Perceiver


Learning more about temperament.

1.Take a look at our adult temperament pics HERE and HERE


2. Read our "temperament stories"--they are extreme and are fictional--but fun!


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