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About our Book

Our Guiding Philosophy

"Does one size fit all, or is each child unique?

Should you treat Joey gently, be tough on Monique?

Are they born a blank slate for you to make great?

Or does every small Brenda have a genetic agenda?

The truth: Nature and nurture are all intertwined,

an intricate dance, genes and parenting combined."

(From the back cover of Parenting by Temperament)

And a Quick Look at what's inside

Parenting by Temperament begins with "What all children bring into the world and what this means about Parenting." A series of chapters in this section look at parental love and parental discipline as these apply to all children, including a chapter on "Why children come to accept our rules" which is all about the ways in which good discipline helps all children to learn self-control.

With this first section as our foundation we then look at the measurement and meaning of individual differences (behavioral preferences) that are found in every child and in every parent. This section guides you to our Temperament Sorters (questionnaires) which are taken free of charge, online. Those for children are taken by the parents. We then discuss your online results for yourself and your children, in a series of chapters on preferences, temperament, and type

 Two final sections entitled "Polishing the Basic Design" and Adding Grace to your Parenting Design" offer ideas on how to tailor love and discipline to your child's specific needs and your own abilities, and how to stretch a little beyond your natural preferences where this would help.

About the Authors

Nancy Harkey is a Ph.D psychologist. She taught for many years at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, and is now retired. The Temperament Sorters were developed with the aid of many students and collegues at the University.

Teri Jourgensen has a Masters in Public Administration and has worked for many years as an Organizational Trainer and Facilitator for the City of San Francisco. She is now a human resources manager, and is a certified trainer for the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.