Looking at the NF and NT "Temperaments" in Adults

There are four sets of preference combinations (Go here for basic definitions) that have been found to produce particularly distinctive patterns of behavior. These patterns can often be seen in the choices adults make in their daily lives, both in the activities they love and the things they don't love at all. These combinations are:

Below, we constrast the NF and the NT in some likely activities.


Humanity's Champions--The Intuitive/Feeling NFs

it is very much in the nature of NFs to help others. Counseling can be a very satisfying life choice for the NF.

Whether or not they are formally religious, NFs tend to have deep spiritual concerns.

NFs are often found in the Arts. Music, writing, dancing and the visual arts all attract the talented NF.

Passionate Achievers--the Intuitive/Thinking NTs

NTs relish competition. They love to win, but even more they love to be really competent.

Deep commitment to logic and reason as the best and only way, often leads the NT to careers in science.
NTs, especially those who are extraverted, often are also found at the helm in business and industry.