Looking at the SP and SJ "Temperaments" in Adults

There are four sets of preference* combinations that have been found to produce particularly distinctive patterns of behavior. These patterns can often be seen in the choices adults make in their daily lives, both in the activities they love, and the things they don't love at all. These combinations are:

Sensing and Perceiving--The SP Temperament--Masters of the Moment

Sensing and Judging--The SJ Temperament--Keepers of the Flame

Intuition and Feeling--The NF Temperament--Humanity's Champions

Intuition and Thinking--The NT Temperament--Passionate Achievers

Below, we constrast the SP and the SJ as they really might behave in daily life!


Masters of the Moment--the Sensing/Perceiving SP in Action
SPs love excitement and challenges. They live most happily in the here and now.
Fun-loving--they can make the good times happen anywhere.

But--SPs are exhausted by routine. No SP was ever meant to be an accountant.

Keepers of the Flame--the Sensing/Judging SP in Action
SJs are comfortable in positions of authority.
And they are devoted to making and keeping the rules that make society possible.
Unlike the SP, the SJ is very well suited to keeping books, and doing taxes, and keeping a company in the black.